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DYNEMO Industries, a reliable PVC pipe manufacturer in Gujarat, is a preferred choice for customers seeking high-quality PVC pipes. With expertise in producing a wide range of PVC pipes, including agri PVC pipes, they meet diverse industry needs. Their commitment to excellence makes them a trusted manufacturer of PVC pipes in Gujarat. Whether for agricultural or general use, DYNEMO Industries delivers top-notch products, cementing their position as leading PVC pipe manufacturers in the region

DYNEMO Industries, the top-notch PVC pipe manufacturers in Gujarat, specialising in high-quality agri PVC pipes. Our pipes are engineered to ensure efficient irrigation for farms and agricultural lands, with robust construction and superior quality. As a leading manufacturer of PVC pipes, we adhere to strict quality standards, providing reliable products for various industries. With a focus on customer satisfaction, our expert team guides you in selecting the right PVC pipes for your needs. Experience the difference with DYNEMO Industries, your trusted source for top-notch PVC pipes in Gujarat, especially designed for agricultural applications. Trust us to deliver durable and reliable solutions to enhance your productivity.

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Different Types of PVC Pipes

PVC Pipe Manufacturers Gujarat states that there are four main types of PVC pipes:

  • Chlorinated PVC
  • Unplasticized PVC (uPVC)
  • Modified PVC (PVC)
  • Molecular Oriented PVC, (OPVC)

CPVC and uPVC are the most popular types of PVC pipes.

What is the Purpose of PVC Pipes?

PVC pipes are common in the water supply. PVC pipes make up almost all of the pipelines that are used to transport water mains. PVC pipes are also used in large-scale irrigation networks and sanitary sewer networks.

PVC Pipe Manufacturers India knows that it can be used in both residential and commercial plumbing, drainage, irrigation, electricity, telecommunications, and ductwork for heating and cooling systems.

Underground PVC pipes are larger in bore and thicker walls and are used to supply drinking water to commercial and residential buildings. Underground PVC pipes are also used to supply sewage systems. These pipes are used to drain rainwater from roofs and other structures. They can also be used to build sprinkler systems for landscaping or fire sprinkler systems within buildings.

Benefits of PVC Pipes
  • PVC pipes are the most popular media for transporting electricity and water in many sectors. They are highly resistant to heat and corrosion, which is why they are so widely used.
  • Because of its smooth surface, PVC has lower friction with flowing liquids than concrete or metal. It is a popular material for pipes and conduits that carry water.
  • It is light and easy to transport across long distances. They are also more fuel efficient, which makes them eco-friendly.
  • It is simple to produce in mass quantities, it is economical.
  • It can be easily molded into various shapes, making it versatile and useful for a variety of purposes.
  • It is strong, durable, and can withstand high stress. It is suitable for underground pipes or pipes that require pressurized fluids to pass.
  • PVC’s chemical properties include its inertness and resistance to chemical reactions. It is safe to transport drinking water as well as water used for household purposes.
  • When installed underground, PVC can last for 100 years. It is therefore easy to maintain and popular material for large pipeline networks. This would make it a more cost-effective option than legacy materials.

WATERMARK Pressure & Non-Pressure Pipes are manufactured in accordance with 1S:4985 covering a complete range
of 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, and 110mm. They are available in pressure ratings 2.5 Kg/ cm2, 4 Kg/ cm2, and 6 Kg/ cm2 as defined in  1S:4985 Watermark PVC pipes were used in the given applications and provided suitable solvent cement jointing with plain sockets. Their main application is in agriculture for water supply, drip irrigation & sprinkler lines, etc. as well as for drinking water distribution. However,
 Dynamo PVC pipe is used in ventilation pipelines and slurry lines and also used in cable ducting etc. They are available in light grey color or Dark grey color and have a nominal length of 3 meters and 6 meters.

  • Offices

  • Residential Purposes

  • Industrial Use

  • Hospitals

  • Sewage & Waste Water Lines

  • Rainwater Drainage

Standards, Quality Control and Testing

The manufacturing and testing is done for pipes in accordance with IS: 4985 All the above pipes, except non-pressure pipes
are tested for potable water supplies in accordance with their relevant standards and as per the test methods given in IS: 12235

Pressure Rating vs Temperature Derating Factor

As the temperature of fluid flowing through installation increases, the pressure  withstanding capacity of installation wall decreases. So to find out the pressure
rating of PVC Pipes & Fittings at required temperature, multiply, the pressure rating  of Pipes & Fittings by derating factor given in table.

  • IS : 4985

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PVC pipes
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CPVC Solvent Cement
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uPVC Solvent Cement
PVC Solvent Cement
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My PVC pipe purchase for the office is a delight.done from the DYNEMO Industries. As a top manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, their products and service were outstanding.

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I had an extraordinary experience purchasing agri PVC pipes from DYNEMO Industries, a leading manufacturer. The pipes performed exceptionally well, meeting his agricultural land’s irrigation needs with remarkable efficiency and durability. The outstanding customer service from DYNEMO Industries made the entire process smooth and hassle-free, guiding him in selecting the right pipe sizes. Timely delivery further added to the satisfaction, allowing Ramesh Kaka to implement the irrigation system without delays. Highly recommended for anyone seeking high-quality agri PVC pipes, DYNEMO Industries proves to be a reliable and dependable choice for agricultural applications

PVC pipes are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Commonly used in plumbing, irrigation, and construction for electrical conduits, water mains, and sewer lines.

PVC pipes are safe for drinking water but not all are the same. Look for the certified PVC pipe industry. It means they meet safety standards. Don’t use PVC for hot water as chemicals can be released.

To cap off a PVC water pipe, first, turn off the water supply and clean the pipe end. Next, choose a PVC cap that fits the pipe’s diameter and use PVC cement to secure the cap onto the pipe end. 

Cut PVC pipe at home by marking the cutting line with a marker, then using a hacksaw or PVC cutter for a straight cut. Remove rough edges or burrs by sanding with sandpaper. For larger pipes, consider using a reciprocating saw or mitre saw. Remember to wear safety gear like gloves and eye protection while cutting PVC pipes.

PVC is safe for humans, but its additives can be risky. Additives may seep from PVC and taint food or water. Heating PVC can release harmful fumes, so it’s vital to employ ventilation and safety gear when handling it.

PVC pipes last up to 100 years in water, but their lifespan depends on water quality, temperature, and pressure. Proper installation, maintenance, and inspections can extend their life in water systems.

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