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Trust in the reliability of solvent cement adhesive for all your piping needs. With top-notch solutions from reputable solvent cement manufacturers, secure and durable joints are guaranteed. Whether it’s for plumbing, irrigation, or industrial applications, choose the best in the market. Benefit from a strong bond that withstands pressure and ensures leak-free connections. Count on the expertise and quality of solvent cement manufacturers to ensure your piping projects are a success. Upgrade your piping systems with confidence and discover the seamless performance of solvent cement adhesive


Unlock the power of solvent cement adhesive for your piping needs with DYNEMO Industries, a trusted name among solvent cement manufacturers. Our top-notch solutions deliver reliable, leak-free joints, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing, irrigation, or industrial applications. With a strong and durable bond that withstands pressure, our solvent cement adhesive guarantees the utmost performance. Rely on our expertise and commitment to quality for seamless connections and successful piping projects. Upgrade your systems with confidence, knowing you have chosen the best solvent cement in the market. Experience the ease and effectiveness of DYNEMO Industries’ solvent cement adhesive, the solution to all your piping requirements.

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What makes Solvent Cement different from Glue?

The terms “glue” or “solvent cement”, when it comes to thermoplastic pipe installation, are often interchanged. Both serve the basic purpose of connecting pipes and fittings, but they are not the same.

No matter what type of glue you use, glue can only hold the materials together. The bond can be broken if enough force is applied to the area. This will cause the joint to deteriorate.

Because glue is unstable, it is not recommended for plumbing. Some glues can cause deterioration or weakness in the piping material. PVC is not suitable for glue joining. PVC plumbing applications are far more reliable with solvent cement from uPVC solvent cement manufacturers in Gujarat.

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Mahendra bhai


I had a great experience with DYNEMO Industries’ solvent cement. Being a solvent cement manufacturer, DYNEMO Industries offered a top-notch product that impressed him. The cement’s adhesive properties were outstanding, ensuring strong and reliable bonds for his projects. The quick-drying feature was a game-changer, saving him valuable time during the construction process. Furthermore, the cement’s durability provided him with confidence that his work would last for years. I highly recommend DYNEMO Industries to anyone in need of high-quality solvent cement for their construction needs.

Naresh Bhai


 As a solvent cement manufacturer, DYNEMO Industries delivered a product that exceeded his expectations. The cement’s adhesive strength was impressive, making bonding effortless and reliable for his projects. The quick-drying feature proved to be a time-saver, allowing him to complete tasks efficiently. Moreover, the cement’s durability ensured long-lasting and robust joints, instilling confidence in the quality of his work. I confidently recommends DYNEMO Industries to others seeking a trustworthy solvent cement solution that enhances construction projects

Nirav kumar


DYNEMO Industries provided a product that left a lasting impression on me. The cement’s adhesive properties were outstanding, ensuring secure and reliable bonds for his projects. The quick-drying nature of the cement allowed him to work efficiently, saving valuable time. Additionally, the cement’s durability surpassed his expectations, ensuring the longevity of his constructions. Based on his remarkable experience,I wholeheartedly recommends DYNEMO Industries to anyone seeking high-quality solvent cement for their construction needs.

Solvent cement is a type of adhesive used to join plastic pipes and fittings together. It creates a strong, permanent bond between the pieces when applied

Solvent cement is used to glue pipes and fittings together. It is used to create a strong and watertight seal between two pieces. Because it prevents water from seeping through the joint.

The drying time of solvent cement depends on a number of factors such as temperature, humidity and the amount of binder . Normally solvent cement dries within 30 minutes to 1 hour. But to completely dry it can take 24 hours to several days.

Solvent cement typically comes in clear or yellowish colours. The colour may vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of solvent used. The purpose of solvent cement is to join plastic materials together by melting and fusing the surfaces, so colour is not a critical factor in its performance. 

If stored correctly in a cool, dry area, solvent cement, or PVC glue, has a shelf life of about two years. When applied, it forms a robust bond between PVC pipes that can endure for many years in typical conditions. However, the lifespan of the bond is influenced by factors like cement type, application technique, and environmental circumstances.

The strength of solvent cement joints is typically very high, creating a solid and reliable connection between plastic pipes and fittings.

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